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Paul DeGuelle, Owner
8192 Kingfisher Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
Licensed & Bonded
CA LICENSE: 925068
Phone: (714) 608-6988


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During the Job
Finished (Inside View)
Finished (Outside View)

Here is a recent customer thank you letter for a sliding door retrofit and replacement project we performed. Our goal is to achieve this same high level of satisfaction on all of our work.

"Paul & Tom,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your fine all-dayer job of installing our new sliding doors downstairs. You are extraordinarily professional in your working with clients. We appreciated that you arrived precisely at the appointed times as we planned and executed this sliding door retrofit project. Your communications were courteous, kind and sincere.

The quality of your work is evident in the details "around the edges". You confidently solved every little nuance of a difficult retrofit and made everything work.

The door slides with a touch of the fingertips. How nice!

We can send you some digital photos of the various phases of the project if you like.

Gratefully yours, Jack & Kathie"
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